The Search

By Little green man

Anubis and LGM can be seen pottering around in a desert environment, there are a variety of dark skinned people dressed in long flowing robes bustling about them. They are digging and carrying baskets of dirt as LGM and Anubis act as supervisors.

LGM: You know I don't think that the ancient Egyptian God of Anubis would have been seen dead wearing a pith helmet and carrying a swagger stick. Not quite the fashion of his time was it now?

Anubis: Watch it, or I'll get these guys to make YOU a permanent resident of these tombs along with the pharaohs.

LGM: I don't see why we are digging away all this dirt by hand anyway, and what about later when we find the doorway? Undoubtedly you'll want to go in and use a toothpick or something. Why not just use a bulldozer or front end loader and save ourselves a lot of effort?

Anubis: *exasperated* You simply have no idea about the subtleties of archaeology do you? If we went barging in with a bulldozer as you would have it we might miss out all sorts of discoveries and artifacts.

LGM: What artifacts?! So far all we've found is a pile of rocks and some little pieces of blue pottery!

Anubis: Ahh..but that blue pottery can tell us a lot about these people. Where it was found, how it was made, what has happened to it over the centuries and so on and so forth.

LGM: But who CARES if it was earthquaked and ice-aged and rolled and shifted and sat upon and grown over and possibly even burnt over the past 30 zillion years!!!!???? It's only a scrap of broken pottery! When do we get to the good stuff?

Anubis: That permanent resident idea seems better and better all the time ya know....

With that there is a loud commotion from the native diggers coming from the dig pit. Anubis and LGM run over to have a look.

LGM: Hooray they've finally found the door. Time for the toothpicks.

Anubis and LGM push their way past the workers and have a closer look at the slab of stone that formed the door to the pharaoh's tomb. Anubis gets out his brush and starts sweeping back the dust from the hieroglyphics written on the stone.

Anubis: *translating* ...and behold here is the King of Kings, ruler of the mother river and of the mountains, God of the people and of the Earth....Amun Hamesphet. By jove! We've found it!

LGM: Well there was hardly any doubt was there? This *is* after all, your Hollowdeck program.

Anubis: Don't make me have to kick your little green butt, green man. You're taking all the fun out of this.

LGM : Ok Ok. I'm only stirring as you well know. So let's get this door open. *calls out to the workers* Bring me a sledge hammer!

Anubis: Raaaarrrrrr!!!!

Before Anubis can do some permanent damage to LGM's buttocks, they are interrupted by Chimera who is wearing a lovely white 1900's period dress and carrying a parasol.

Chimera: Captain, I'm afraid I'm going to have to spoil your fun in kicking LGM's butt all the way back to Cairo. Admiral JC wants to see you in your ready room.

Anubis: Really? Damm. Just as we were getting to the good bit as well.

Chimera: Oh c'mon. You know perfectly well that the searching is where the most interesting things happen. Usually behind the door there's nothing but more dust and dirt. It's all a great big disappointment.

Anubis: Well sometimes you hit the jackpot behind the door and the treasure is found.

The 3 of them head back out into the desert away from the dig while Chimera calls for the program to end. It fades from view revealing the familiar grid pattern of the Hollowdeck walls leaving the 3 dressed in their period costumes looking somewhat out of place.

LGM: So Chimera, why did you get all dressed up and come to tell us personally when you could have just used the comm?

Chimera: Oh you know perfectly well why. Any excuse to get on the hollowdeck and besides I look great in this dress don't I?

LGM: Well yes you do, but if only your skin were a little greener....

Chimera gives LGM a playful whack as they exit the hollowdeck.


[scene change - Anubis, LGM and rest of the senior bridge crew are assembled in the Sevilia's ready room waiting for Adm JC to begin]

Adm. JC: I've called this meeting because the Severation is facing a serious threat to it's very existence...

Joeno: *quietly to Dummy sitting behind him* When is it ever *not* a serious threat to our existence?

Adm. JC: *looking at Joeno* Well Lt Joeno, THIS time I really mean it. The Severation is in imminent danger of ceasing to exist altogether if things continue the way they have been.

Anubis: What is it this time? Is the Borg, the green men, the Q?

Adm JC: No nothing like that at all. Just a simple disappearance.

Trideos: Disappearance of what?

Adm JC: Not what...who. People from all over the Severation have been vanishing from our universe. Some have disappeared altogether while others have faded in and out before finally vanishing. Nevertheless they can no longer be found anywhere in the Severation. I have here a list of personnel that can no longer be located anywhere in the Sevfleet.

Anubis: *looking at the list* Hmmm...yes there are quite a few people here I haven't seen in a long time if ever at all. Kerryn Finger, Olv, Erwin, Ianna, Dolphin, Coffeebeans, Blueberrie, TLE!....Oh no....!

Trideos: What?!

Anubis: The last few names on the list. Sanna, Starseneyes, Gizmo, Sinkau, and ....WooHoo.

*there is a collective gasp from the assembled crew*

Leander: But that can't be! I just saw Sinkau and Gizmo only....*he trails off*

Adm JC: When exactly?

Leander: I don't know. It seems just like yesterday but it must be actually almost a month or so by now. But isn't Captain WooHoo meant to be on extended assignment?

Adm JC: Yes she is or was. Captain Woohoo's assignment was to seek out these missing people and try to get them to return to the Severation universe. We have reason to believe though that she might also have been affected with whatever is causing these people to leave permanently.

So, your job is to go after these missing Sevilians. To find out where they have gone and to see if they will be ever coming back. I don't order you do this however as the mission is extremely dangerous. There is the chance that none of you will ever come back either. Anyone is perfectly able to back out now if they wish.

*the crew look at each other uneasily*

Trideos: Umm...I think I speak for the rest of the crew here when I say. Nuts to that....sir.

*everyone else looks relieved*

Anubis: The ship will leave in 2 hours.

Adm JC: and good luck to you all.


[scene change - the Sevilia is warping through space. We switch to a shot of the Bridge]

LGM: Great idea! "We leave in 2 hours!" Well, here we are warping along in space and we don't have a clue where we are going or where we have to go!

Anubis: Well, I'm new at this Captain gig....gimme a break!

Trideos: I may have *some* idea of where we need to go. I've been analysing the reports from WooHoo and others that have left. It seems that they have left the Sevilian universe entirely and so what we need to do is reach the edge of the universe and travel beyond that as well.

Joeno: What!? We have to get to the edge of the universe and then go beyond that?...that's impossible! The universe is infinite in size and has no edge or anything beyond that for that matter.

Trideos: Well in any normal universe yes I suppose that might be the case. But we live in sevspace and the laws of physics don't necessarily apply in the same way here as they do elsewhere.

Joeno: But ye canna change the laws of physics!

Anubis: That's enough Joeno, quit the bad Scotty impersonations and let Trideos finish her report.

Trideos: Well in sevspace the laws of physics can be changed, but it takes a lot of effort. Otherwise people would never have been able to disappear. Sevspace is all about perception. It is what we make of it. It means that the entire crew will have to concentrate on the one thing at the same time and with that many people we may be able to alter the universe's structure, at least enough for us to cross over.

Leander: So why don't we just concentrate on willing these people to come back into the sevspace universe?

Trideos: It doesn't work that way. They are outside the sevspace universe and so can't be influenced by what happens within it until they come back inside. Which they aren't doing because they don't want to or can't do so.

CBM: My head hurts!....

Tridoes: Well it's all very theoretical and I may be wrong on some of the finer points, but that's the essential essence of the idea.

Anubis: So what exactly do we have to do?

Trideos: As far as I can theorise, we all have to concentrate by thinking on making the universe smaller, at least from our perception. Then we should be able to reach the edge easily enough.

Anubis: And what about going through and beyond?

Trideos: Well I guess we'll have to work on that once we get there....

Anubis: Anyone else gotta a better idea? No? Ok that's it ship wide announcement to the crew.

Crew of the Sevilia. In order to complete our mission we are going to have to make the universe...*looks at Trideos*...smaller! To do this we need everyone onboard to think of only one thing. Of the edge of the universe being closer to us and not the infinite billions of light years away that we think it is now. I know that sounds strange but we need everyone to think only that one thought. To make the edge of the sevspace universe close. We shall begin in 5 minutes.

[5 minutes later]

Anubis: Ok is everyone ready? [*no dissent is heard*] Well then lets do it. Remember think of the edge of sevspace being close!

All over the ship people can be seen with their eyes closed or looking into space willing the edge of the universe to come closer, suddenly al the female crew lose their clothing and are standing naked at their stations, and shrieks can be heard all over the ship! Just as suddenly they are all dressed again.

Anubis: What the hell is going on!!? Can't you guys think about just one thing for a few minutes!!!!???

LGM: Wasn't me!

CBM : Me neither!

Joeno and Leander: Uh uh...not us....

Anubis: Well WHO then!, let me guess...ROBWOOD!!!!!!!!

Robwood: *over the comm* errrr..yes Captain?

Anubis: Did you break the thought connection?!

Robwood: errrr..ummmm...I might have. Sesspit is here with me in the shuttle hanger and I looked to see if she was concentrating, and then ...errr..welll...*sound of a hard slap can be heard over the comm* OWWWW!!!!

Anubis: Well we'll just have to start over. If it happens again we'll give Robwood a sedative to cut him out of the picture.

Trideos: Ummm..I don't think that will be necessary Captain. Look at the viewer.

On the viewer can be seen a glowing firey mass of plasma.

Anubis: Is *that* the edge of sevspace?!

Trideos: From all sensor scans it appears to be so Captain. At least it is our perception of what the edge of sevspace looks like, and it is only 1 light year away.

Anubis: So what do we do now?

LGM: I guess we have to go through it, using concentration again to alter our perception and get us through intact.

Tridoes: I agree Captain.

Anubis: Gawd! I haven't done this much thinking since my Sevfleet Academy finals exam. OK people you know the drill by now and Robwood...try to keep focused will you? Mary Dee - to infinity, and beyond!!

MaryDee: Ok Buzz....

The ship moves off and approaches the edge of the plasma mass. It penetrates easily enough and disappears into the mass.

[on the bridge - the crew are being severely buffeted and knocked about]

Anubis: Keep focused! Keep focused!

For a moment the entire crew turn into Tux the Linux penguin before resuming their normal appearance.

Anubis: TGW! - I said keep focused!

TGW: It wasn't me! The ship's computer must be affected!

Dummy: Captain! The ship is stressing badly. If we don't get this over with soon we'll never make it!

Anubis: Just keep thinking of being on the otherside!!!

Dummy: Captain! - we will have a warp core breach in 47 seconds! We're going to blow!

Consoles start to explode throwing various crew members across the bridge, and out of nowhere comes a Klingon and Borg ship firing all phasers and torpedoes before suddenly vanishing.

Dummy: Warp core breach in 15 seconds!

Anubis: Hold it together people! Hold it toget........................


[the bridge of the Sevilia - all is intact and normal...well almost normal]

Chris: What the hell happened there?

Pam: It looks as if we made it...

Chris: But what about US!? What's happened to us?!

Looking around - the crew of the Sevilia have changed. Gone is the Jackal headed appearance of Anubis to be replaced by a dark haired young man in his mid twenties. LGM was also gone to be replaced by a tall dark haired guy of about 30-something wearing glasses.

Mary: I didn't know LGM wore glasses...

Sean: and I didn't know that you had long dark hair like that. I always pictured it short.

Chris: So what is going on??!

Pam: It would seem that we have entered another universe and that this is what we look like in that universe. I have no idea where that universe is however or how things work here.

Chris: So why is the Sevilia still here instead of us having to drift aimlessly through space?

Pam: Like I said - I have no idea....!

Chris: CBM! it? Put the main viewer on. Let's see where we are.

The main viewer comes on and a shifting scene can be observed. One minute it is space and stars the next and ocean view, followed by a valley scene of distant mountains and tall spires.

Pam: If I can make a guess, it would seem that we are in some transitional universe, possibly between our own and some other. Perceptions here are under dramatic flux depending on what we are thinking or desiring at the time...but it's only a guess.

Chris: It will do for now. Have Dr Chris sedate Rob Underwood. Otherwise who knows what will happen to the women onboard!

Will: Look at the viewer! The scene is changing again!

The scene outside changes to that of a valley surrounded by tall peaks. In it are the figures of scores of people standing around. A tall monolith of rock rises up under the Sevilia and gently cradles the ship while holding it fast.

Pam: Look! There's Gizmo...and Sinkau...and....DOLPHIN!....and there's WooHoo!!! Look she's waving to us.

Sean: Looks like she wants us to go outside the ship.

Chris: I think that would be a good idea. Maybe she can explain this place.

A few minutes later the bulk of the bridge crew are assembled at the rarely used external airlock of the Sevilia. They open the doors and go outside. The figure recognised as WooHoo walks up to them but everyone else ignores their presence.

Pam: WooHoo!! What are you doing here!?

Rebecca: It's Bex here, or Rebecca...just as you are Pam and not Trideos. This is not sevspace anymore.

Sean: So where *are* we?

Pam; I theorised that we were in some sort of intermediate space or universe....

Bex: You're right there. This is a middle space between what is reality and what is sevspace.

Chris: But sevspace is reality....isn't it?

Bex: No. Sevspace is a dream, a place of the imagination that we can visit for a while and be someone other than ourselves. I've created this temporary reality to explain things to you. That is why you all look different and have different names. Already you are making the transition to the real world. If you look at the Sevilia, you'll see that it is already fading from view.

The crew look at the Sevilia and can see clearly that the ship is much more transparent and ghost like.

Chris: But the admiral sent us here to see where everyone had gone and to try to get them back. That was our mission and we had to alter the sevspace universe to do it.

Bex: Somehow I didn't think that all of you would want to leave sevspace all at once. There must be hardly anyone there now if you did. You have only a limited time to get back before you will cease to exist as you know yourselves and sevspace will become unrecognisable to you.

Pam: But what about all these others? What about Dolphin and ferryboat and Gizmo and Kerryn and the rest? Can't they come as well?!

Bex: I've tried but they don't want to and I can't make them. The only way into sevspace is through your own free will and if they don't want to come then we can't do anything about it. Some won't even acknowledge our existance. They will return when they are ready or not at all...

Chris: and what about you Woo..err... Bex. Will you come back with us?

Bex: ....ahhh...I...don't know...

Pam: We *need* you Bex...

Sean; Yes we do...The place isn't the same without you...

Bex: ...Okay then...but I can't guarantee anything.

Pam: Great!

Bex: We'd better make it fast then or it will be too late. The Sevilia is almost gone from our perception.

The crew race back to the airlock and into the Sevilia. The ship is almost completely transparent now.

Chris: So how *do* we get back to sevspace? Do we have to think again about the structure of physics?

Bex: No, not this time. Getting back in is easy, It's getting out that's hard. All we have to do is type this into the computer and hit the enter key!

With that Bex types in and hits the enter key. On the viewer the scene of the valley and it's people fade away to be replaced with the familiar stars and planet of Sevilia with it's orbiting 'cage'. The crew look around to see once again the jackal headed visage of Anubis and the large black eyes and green skin of LGM

WooHoo: Now that's much better isn't it?!


Back on the hollowdeck, Anubis and LGM are about to open the tomb door of the Pharaoh.

LGM: Are we sure we want to do this? I mean, who knows what's on the other side?

Anubis: Of course we do. If we don't go beyond the boundaries and extend ourselves we'll never get any further and things will stagnate. Then we will be finished no matter how many of us are here.

LGM: I guess you're right. Ok then, let's get this thing open. *LGM picks up a sledge hammer and starts to take a mighty swing at the stone door*

Anubis: LGM!!! Wait! Not like that!!!!!!............

The End

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